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Review of Samsung's screaming Galaxy S II Android smartphone for AT&T

Review by Dan Seifert on Wednesday October 12, 2011.

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4.7 stars

(How we score)

Fast performance, great screen, thin design, solid camera
Plasticky feel, no notification light


The Samsung Galaxy S II is continuing its tour of U.S. carriers with AT&T releasing its own version of the venerable smartphone following Sprint's Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. AT&T's edition is much more faithful to the original model that was released to global markets earlier this year than Sprint's, as it sports the same display, dimensions, design, and even name as the original.

Of course, this isn't a bad thing at all, as the original Galaxy S II is lauded as one of the best smartphones available, and arguably the best Android smartphone to date. Thankfully, AT&T's version holds true to those fine qualities, as its performance is just as impressive as its global counterpart's. Like we saw with the worldwide model and the Epic 4G Touch, the AT&T version features Samsung's blazing fast dual-core Exynos processor and gorgeous Super AMOLED Plus screen (4.27-inches across in this application). Everything else about the phone performed as expected, which is to say everything worked great, from the camera to the phone's battery life.

Finding something to complain about with the Galaxy S II is tough, though if you had to nitpick about something, it could be the plastic build that has a somewhat cheap feel to it. Galaxy-branded phones from Samsung have been known to have a plasticky feel to them, and the Galaxy S II is no exception. Regardless, the Galaxy S II performed like a champ during my review period, so read to find out more.

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