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Amazon Kindle Fire pre-orders hit 95k on first day, claims eDataSource

News by Michael Oryl on Tuesday October 04, 2011.

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Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon Kindle Fire

Based upon estimates put together by eDataSource, an online intelligence firm, Amazon received an estimated 95,000 pre-orders for its new Kindle Fire tablet on the day it was announced.

The company came up with its figure by monitoring 800,000 email inboxes for purchase receipts, and has used the system in the past to fairly accurately predict the number of iPads that Apple sold on its first day of availability.

The company notes that early sales of the Kindle Fire outclassed those of the other three Kindle tablets that were offered that day - combined. The company estimates that the total number of first day online sales of the other Kindles totaled 25,000.

The Android-based Kindle Fire tablet will start shipping on November 15 of this year. You can learn more aboput the Kindle Fire in our launch day coverage.

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