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Intel kills MeeGo, folds it into the Tizen project

News by Dan Seifert on Wednesday September 28, 2011.

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The MeeGo smartphone operating system has had a storied past, starting as a combination of Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin systems before being all but abandoned by Nokia in favor of Windows Phone. Now, the next chapter in the Maemo/Moblin/MeeGo story starts, as Intel has announced that it is killing the MeeGo name and folding the project into a new open source, Linux-based OS called Tizen.

The new Tizen project will be hosted by the Linux Foundation, with development supported by Intel and Samsung. Yes, Samsung, the company that is already supporting Android, Windows Phone, and its own home-brewed bada operating system. The LiMo Foundation is also lending support to the project.

Unlike MeeGo, which had a traditional app focused development platform, Intel says that Tizen will focus on HTML5 webapps instead. It is encouraging MeeGo developers to refocus their efforts on the new HTML5-based apps.

Intel expects to release Tizen on a multitude of devices, including tablets, handsets, TVs, and automotive applications. Tizen's initial release is scheduled for early next year, with devices appearing by mid-2012. [Tizen via This Is My Next]

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