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VUDU dodges Apple's 30 percent cut with HTML5 app

News by Dan Seifert on Wednesday August 10, 2011.

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On-demand streaming video service VUDU is taking a similar approach to Amazon's Kindle Cloud Player to get around Apple's in-app subscription and purchase policies. VUDU's new webapp, formatted for the iPad, presents the service's streaming video options without having to split any revenues with Apple.

According to Apple's in-app purchase and subscription policies for iOS, app publishers have to fork over 30 percent of revenues from anything sold within the app. In light of this, service providers have been looking for ways around the policies, and VUDU's new webapp is the most recent example of this. The new webapp is specifically formatted for the iPad, and it allows users to view movies they have already rented or purchased anywhere they are. Users can also browse VUDU's library of 20,000 movies that they can then purchase or rent right from the iPad.

The webapp makes use of Apple's HTTP Live Streaming technology to adapt the bitrate to network conditions. The iPad site maxes out its image quality at standard definition like VUDU's standard web site. The webapp allows VUDU to push new versions and features to the service without having to worry about approval from Apple to get into the App Store.

Right now, the webapp is only available to the iPad, though iPhone users can access it, even though it is not formatted for the smaller screen of the iPhone. VUDU says that Android tablet and smartphone version are in the works. [via GigaOm]

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