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Sprint, Verizon versions of Samsung Galaxy S II expected to sport 4G

News by Dan Seifert on Wednesday July 27, 2011.

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With the impending release of the Samsung Galaxy S II for the U.S. getting closer and closer each day, more information has been revealed regarding the various versions of the dual-core superphone that will be hitting U.S. carriers. According to info from the FCC and carriers' official support teams, we can expect both the Sprint version and the Verizon Wireless version of the Galaxy S II to have support for 4G data networks.

It has been revealed in an FCC filing that the Sprint version of the Galaxy S II, supposedly named the Within, will have support for Sprint's 4G WiMAX network, much like the Epic 4G, Sprint's version of the original Galaxy S, did last year.

Verizon's official support account on Twitter was a bit more forthcoming, as it flat out said that the Verizon version of the Galaxy S II, expected to be called the Function, will be a 4G LTE device. Last year's Galaxy S model for Verizon, the Fascinate, did not have LTE support, but at the time it was released, Verizon had yet to roll out its 4G network.

Samsung has promised that the Galaxy S II would be coming to the U.S. in August, so it is likely that we will hear more details about these upcoming devices sooner rather than later. We still don't know much about the version expected to hit AT&T, though rumors have been all over the internet about it possibly having a slide-out hardware keyboard, though AT&T has not said anything about the device yet.

Update: Well, it looks like Verizon's support account on Twitter was a little mixed up when it said the Galaxy S II for Verizon would have LTE, as it has posted an update clarifying that it was referring to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, which well all know will be available with LTE beginning tomorrow. We can still hope that the Verizon version of the Galaxy S II will have LTE when it gets launched, but Verizon isn't confirming or denying it at this point. [via Phandroid, Android Central, and BGR]

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