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Android tablet sales estimated at just over 1 million

News by Dan Seifert on Monday July 25, 2011.

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Google likes to brag about how many Android devices are activated each day (currently 550,000) and how many have been activated over time (135 million). Nobody will disagree that those are huge numbers and that there are tons of Android smartphones anywhere you look. How many Android tablets are out in the wild is a lesser known fact, and something Google has shied away from sharing. Employing some smart math and Google's own numbers, John Gruber of Daring Fireball thinks he has a close estimation of just how many Android tablets have been sold.

According to Gruber's calculations, the number of sold Android tablets could be as low as 1.21 million. His formula uses the number of devices that have accessed the Android Market in the past 7 days and are defined as "Xlarge" with 7-inch or larger screens, and the 135 million Android devices that Larry Page recently claimed had been activated up to this point. The percentage of Xlarge devices that have accessed the Android Market in the last week is 0.9 percent according to Google's reports. Multiply the 0.9 percent by 135 million, and you land at 1.21 million. Compared to the 28.73 million iPads sold by Apple through the end of June and you get the feeling that Google isn't even in the same playing field as Apple.

These numbers do have some wiggle room though, as there are a number of Android tablets on the market that do not have access to Google's official Android Market. One could say that those tablets likely do not have a large base of users however, as most of them are made by smaller companies and are not even available in major markets. Additionally, since Google only provides data for the last 7 days for the number of Xlarge devices that have accessed the Market, there could be a number of tablets that just haven't been turned on and plugged into the Market recently. Nevertheless, since neither Google nor any of the major Android tablet manufacturers will release actual sales numbers of their Android tablets, we can assume that Android tablets have quite a ways to go to catch up to the iPad. If it adds any hope for Google and Android tablet manufacturers, I did see one Motorola XOOM in the wild the other week. Or, at least I think I did. [via ZD Net]

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