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Motorola's DROID 3 for Verizon is one workhorse of an Android smartphone

Review by Michael Oryl on Saturday July 23, 2011.

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4.2 stars

(How we score)

Great keyboard, flexible user interface, 1080p HD video, world 3G roaming
Short battery life, heavy, no Google Talk video support, poor camera white balance, no 4G support


I've always been a fan of the Motorola DROID and its successor devices. The original DROID was the very first Android smartphone on Verizon, and even though its keyboard was questionable, it remained one of the best devices available for quite some time. The DROID 2, however, didn't get enough of an upgrade to make it stand out from the sea of other Android smartphones on Verizon.

The new Motorola DROID 3 suffers no such fate. It's got an all-new qHD resolution 4-inch touchscreen, world roaming capabilities, and a beautifully designed 5-row QWERTY keyboard. It's an office in your pocket (that weighs almost as much as some office furniture, I might add). Motorola has loaded it up with goodies like Citrix and MOTOPRINT for business users, and a dual-core processor that most everybody can appreciate.

It's a great device, to be sure. We've included two videos of the DROID 3 in action after the Table of Contents, below.

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